While there are many different technology companies to choose from, the essence of Missional’s beliefs and actions—how we serve each other, our clients, and our community—makes us truly unique. Businesses have a responsibility to generate revenue and maintain a healthy bottom line. However, it’s much more than that for us. We genuinely put people over profits, and how we conduct our business and build our relationships demonstrates this priority.

Our Priorities

Missional offers a unique approach to how we conduct business.  Instead of focusing on just the result, we focus also on the process.  Instead of only focusing on the bottom line, we focus, more importantly, on our team members and our clients by helping them reach their goals and their potential as we strive to reach ours.

We invest in our team by providing training, team-building activities, and family events.  Missional invests in its clients by offering transparency and sound consultation throughout all of our service offerings—we don’t compromise to save costs.  Finally, we invest in our community by actively pursuing opportunities where we can get involved with local outreaches and global missions.

The bottom line, God has led to the creation of Missional in order to make a difference in the lives of the people we come into contact with through the avenue of information technology.  We operate differently; we conduct business and live in pursuance of God’s glory. God is our purpose; people are our mission.